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Through the workshop, one could feel Han Jing's passion for sustainability and she was very informative. It was truly an enriching workshop not only for me but for my colleagues as well. Would recommend! She's a change agent for sure!

Pamela, 15/12/2022

Urban Composting Workshop (Corporate)

Past Work

  • Virtual Growing Native Edibles Workshop for Northland Secondary School (2021)

  • Virtual Growing Native Edibles Workshop for NAFA (2021)

  • Virtual Composting Workshop for NAFA (2021)

  • Native Edibles Workshop for Lift Off (2021)

  • Aerobic Composting Program for Siglap South Community Centre (2021)

  • Conducted In-person and Virtual composting workshops for the children in Carpe Diem Preschools (2020)

  • In-person composting training for Early Childhood Educators from Carpe Diem Preschool (2020)

  • Virtual Composting Workshop for Zhenghua Primary School (2020)

  • Virtual Composting Workshop for the teachers and Eco-champions of Kranji Secondary School (2020)

  • Planned and facilitated a Half-day garden program on behalf of Foodscape Collective for GIC x Hopefull (2020)

  • Composting talk for Grade 5 students in Australia International School (2019)

  • Home Composting Public Workshop at Ground-up Initiative



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